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Our Vision

Native Insurance Alliance envisions a future where Native families and tribes are united by inter-tribally owned companies that strengthen and protect their sacred cultural values and prioritize their unique health needs.

Our Mission

Empower Tribal governments, Native families, and businesses with customized insurance products, Purchased Referred Care (PRC) administration, and Third Party Administrator (TPA) services tailored to each Tribe’s unique needs.

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Company Culture

The mission of NIA (Native Insurance Alliance) is to unite our employees with a strong company culture based on Integrity, trust, empathy, and innovation. These values are embedded in our operations as a company and will help guide us in all we do. Our leaders uphold our values by:

Leading by example with empathy

Communicating effectively, and

Inspiring our team.

We empower our Native IA Team by trusting them with responsibilities, listening to their feedback, and giving them opportunities to grow and develop professionally. NIA promotes teambuilding and collaboration by conducting weekly meetings that encourage open and honest communication, welcome creative ideas, promote team building activities and cross team collaboration on company projects. NIA supports diversity and inclusion by embracing employees’ differences and ensuring all voices are heard. Recognizing and rewarding employees' efforts and hard work is vital to NIA’s company culture and success. We recognize our each of our employees' value and potential by: 

Creating reward programs,

Providing growth and learning opportunities,

Supporting employees mental and physical health and encouraging a healthy work life balance are critical ways that NIA recognizes our employees’ value. The result of having a strong company culture will help increase employee engagement, retention, productivity well-being and help increase customer loyalty.