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Native IA Voyage Health Subscription is a budget-friendly solution under $100 per month, offering a health management plan designed to elevate your wellness journey with continuous support from skilled practitioners. You can tailor your experience by choosing from a range of products that best suit your needs.

This plan is open to any group, company, or individual, both Native American and Non-Native American.

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Maintain your health, sustain your life. 

Taking care of your health ensures not just longevity but a vibrant and fulfilling life.

24/7 Provider Access

• Connect with healthcare providers anytime, anywhere for your medical needs.

• Enjoy the convenience of virtual consultations to address health concerns promptly.

Mental Health Counseling
Digestive Health Guidance and Resources
Family Support
Substance Abuse Treatment
Employee Assistance Programs

To discuss these healthcare products in further detail, we would love to schedule a meeting with you.

You can also download our Voyage Brochure to reference the information later.

Have questions? Please connect with one of our agents today to learn more about these products and which ones are right for you!

Voyage Brochure

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